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A vibrant community is almost always rooted in a solid economic base. Without it, efforts to achieve excellence in all facets of community life may falter. This category takes up the key metrics of economics and business in the area. The topics range from outcome measures, such as income, unemployment and sales taxes, to more upstream considerations such as building permits and patents. Most of the indicators have benchmarks to Washington State and to the U.S. Federal and state data gathering efforts allowing a very rich picture of the regional economy. This category paints a fairly detailed picture of the economy of Skagit County.

A full definition of each indicator, as well as its relevance to Skagit County, can be found in the More Information section. The data themselves are available in a spreadsheet via the Download Data tab. To reduce the richness of each graph, simply click on a measure in the legend that you would like to see absent. Click again to restore the measure.